Unas Tokyo’s first collection takes inspiration from the Tokyo streets.

Our first collection intends to show Unas Tokyo’s identity and aesthetic.

We collaborated with a Saudi artist, Dhay Alrashed.

We aim to collaborate with artists who share our interests and vision. While furthering a goal of bridging communities and sharing diverse stories, artists are able to express their visions through the brand and out to the world.

“Clothing we would like to wear”, that was our reason to start working on this collection. Apparel where you are ready to engage in any sorts of events along the way. Our lives in Saudi Arabia and Tokyo gave us a unique perspective, and we are sharing our vision through each and every item.

In this collection, we wanted to express our identity through the clothing. We focused on the coloring and design, adding our touch by drawing colors from the city’s most active seasons and applying them into streetwear pieces. The notable features are elements such as the waves on the jumpsuit, inspired by Japanese styles of art.The sun as well, which is a symbol of shininess and brightness, reflective of the Unas Tokyo identity.

Being influenced by vintage clothing, Unas Tokyo reinterprets vintage fabric to add elegance to casuals. We chose a shiny vintage fabric for the Rayon Green Set-up and a silky fabric for the Green Track Pants. They offer elegance and uniqueness within their details. Our brand creates timeless designs which feel vibrant and glamorous, drawing from our own unique perspective.










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