Through meaningful collaborations with multidisciplinary creatives, Unas Tokyo seeks to uplift fashion and art communities in Japan, Saudi Arabia, and beyond




A Look into Japan-Based Saudi Label, Unas Tokyo





同ブランドは、東京を拠点にモデルやアーティストとして活動する ばする、ヤズ、ゆせふが2018年に立ち上げた。多様な文化に触れて培った視点を生かし、ファッションを軸とした表現のプラットホーム形成を目指して活動する


The brand was launched in 2018 by BASIL, Yazeed, and Yousef who are active as Tokyo based models and artists. By using perspectives cultivated through experiencing diverse cultures, they aim to form a fashion-led platform of expression.






With the collection, they put their message into practice: “Launching a brand and creating new works is never easy. However, we never want our fellow artists to compromise or stop innovating. Believe in your ideas and continue your creations.”



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As a platform of expression led by fashion, Unas shares their vision of true multiculturalism with the world, starting with a stylish streetwear collection based on their everyday inspirations.



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“I like how smaller culturally mixed creatives are born here, and creative people meet to create something. I think seeing that has helped us improve our skills.”